Tyecin株式会社CEO Elias Antoun

Welcome to the new Tyecin K.K.!

I am very happy to assume the role of CEO of Tyecin K.K. as of April 1, 2006. The employees of Tyecin K.K. and I are looking forward to working with our customers to create a bright future for Tyecin K.K through meeting our customers’ needs for new products and great support.

I have been in the semiconductor business for over twenty five years. During this time I have worked in all areas of semiconductors starting in wafer manufacturing, process engineering, product marketing and sales, and finally executive management. And from 1992 to 1998 I had the opportunity and pleasure to work in Japan . I sincerely look forward to broadening my relationships with customers in Japan again.

Our new slogan for the company is: Good Customers, Good People, Good Product!

We will work hard to develop new products for our customers. Tyecin’s customers have been loyal to the company and we want to be a reliable long-term partner for the future. The first step is to deliver the best support on our current products, followed by the development of a new product that meets their requirements.

I am glad to be leading Tyecin K.K. as we go into its new future. All of us at Tyecin K.K look forward to working more closely with our customers and to grow our relationships in the future.

Thank you.

Elias Antoun